FORGET ME NOT FABRIC PARTY BAGS. - Make it special.....!
Welcome to Fabric Party Bags. The Bag is the Gift !
Our Funky Business Card comes attached to every bag, so you can write a special message on the back to your friends!!  Could be as simple as :
Thank you for my lovely gift, here is my gift to you, Enjoy!!!
Sale now on: Only €1.99 per bag.10 for €17.00!
Packs of 10 Identical Fabric Party Bags now available. 
Hurry & don`t miss out! Reusable Fun!
Forget about plastic party bags and impress your guests with the latest innovative, reusable & stylish fabric party bag option!
Why Fabric?
  • Because it lasts longer than plastic therefore your child will have endless hours of fun afterwards.
  • It looks much better than plastic,a simple way to add a touch of class to your party.Make it special!
  • A Fabric Party Bag is useful for lots of things ...just ask your little one. After all.. it is reusable fun!
  • It is washable,durable and kind to the environment.
  • The Fabric Party Bag becomes the gift,so you can give it without extra fillings if you so wish.
Forget me not
Fabric Party Bags are
remembered long after
the party is forgotten !
What we sell !
  1. Beautiful, handcrafted Fabric Party Bags for Boys & Girls.
  2. A Design your own Plain Fabric Party Bag. A great party make & do activity.
  3. Fabric Crayons for decorating your own personalised Fabric Party Bag.
Go ahead... Have a look, you won`t be disappointed!
Innovative & useful ideas for your Fabric Party Bag.
  • They can be given at any party, not just a birthday party. Great for a pamper party, a slumber party or a baby shower!
  • Give our Fabric Party Bags to children attending a Wedding, fill them with puzzles or toys & keep kids entertained throughout the evening.
  • Our beautiful Fabric Bags can be used for the presentation of gifts, as an alternative to wrapping paper.
  • A thoughtful way to say thank you to a special Flower girl or Pageboy, or to say a personal thank you to a friend.
  • You can use the Fabric Crayons afterwards to personalise your favourite T- Shirt.
We can take the hassle out of your party bag shopping. One less thing for you to worry about!
Our Fabric Party Bags, are the ideal childrens party favour bag, with or without our party favour gifts, they are the perfect solution to your kids party bag demands! They are handmade in Ireland, and are a simple way to just ....make it Special!
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